Top 10 Games Dogs Love to Play.

Here at Come Sit Stay pet resort, doggie daycare and pet spa, we know a thing or two about games that dogs love to play! Many dog parents ask us for tips and suggestions, and here are some of the most popular, doggie-approved games.

  1. Ball Fetch. A-#1 is ball fetch. Some dogs can catch a ball, others like to chase a rolling ball. However your doggies likes to play, you can’t go wrong with ball fetch!
  2. Tug of War. We rarely come across a dog who doesn’t love a good game of tug of war! You don’t need a lot of space. You can play indoors or outdoors. Grab their favorite rope toy, or squeaker, hold the toy, let your dog win every few minutes. They simply love it.
  3. Frisbee Dog Games. There are some great frisbees that are made especially for dogs. We’re quite selective, because we never want a dog to get hurt with a traditional frisbee. West Paw and Booda both make nice frisbees that are soft for a dog’s mouth. Toss, and have fun!
  4. Chase Games. Children love the game of tag, and so do dogs! We enjoy running and skipping as the dog chases along. Dogs think this is a jolly-good time!
  5. Find It. Dogs are such smart creatures, aren’t they? Sometimes we play “Find It” when we hide a toy and help them go on their treasure hunt to find it. What’s great about Find It is that it can be played indoors or out.
  6. Dog Training Games. At Come Sit Stay, we offer dog training, and it’s always in a fun, positive environment. Whether it’s the traditional “Sit” “Stay” “Come,” training is like a fun game to dogs, and we certainly make sure to keep it that way. Positive reinforcements and lots or rewards is the way!
  7. Agility Course. Dogs love romping up ramps, crawling through tunnels, and running through rings. You can set up an informal “agility course” inside or out. It’s all about the fun.
  8. Water Hose. In the summer, dogs love playing with the hose! They love running through the water, and some even love trying to capture that stream of water in their mouth! Also makes for hilarious photos!
  9. Hide and Seek. Just like kids, dogs love a good game of hide and seek. You can give them clues with your voice!
  10. Good ‘Ol Belly Rubs! Every night at tuck-in-time, we give each dog a belly rub. We can tell you, every dog loves this, and it helps them wind down after a day filled with fun and games!


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