Room Service

Come Sit Stay offers room service to all of our boarding guests. Your pet will dine in their private suite, up to three meals a day. We ask that you provide your pet’s meals for their entire stay in order to maintain their routine diet.

Come Sit Stay also offers special meals and treats so that clients may customize their pet’s experience.

Meals and Special Treats

For our clients who would like Come Sit Stay to provide their pet’s meals, we are happy to do so at an additional charge. Our premium house kibble is grain free. We proudly serve selections of Taste of the Wild, and Natural Balance. Our front desk staff can also assist you with any dietary concerns that you may have.

Premium house kibble is $3 per meal

Come Sit Stay offers specialty meals of filet mignon, New York steak, or pan-seared salmon, chicken, turkey, fresh vegetables, rice, and more.  Our pet guests desiring an indulgent dining experience will feast on the fine cuisine custom made by our chefs at Lynch’s Restaurant.