How to Tell That Your Dog is Truly Happy.

We speak dog, and we’re here to help translate! Every day, we witness the pure happiness that dogs emit while they are playing, relaxing, and even sleeping. Here are some ways your dog is telling you that he/she is happy:

Happy Eyes:

Happy dogs have relaxed eyes and eyelids. Their gaze is soft, and they do blink often. If you are seeing narrowed eyes, that could mean aggression, while wide eyes could mean that the dog is scared.

Ear Signals:

Depending on the breed of dog, happy dogs wear their ears in a relaxed fashion. One ear may be up, or both may be loose and floppy.

Relaxed Mouth:

Sometimes dogs wear a classic smile! Other times, a relaxed, open mouth indicates happiness.

Body Language:

A loose, soft, wiggly body usually means the dog is having a jolly-good time.

Tail Movement:

The telltale sign of doggie-happiness is the wagging tail. Happy dogs wag their tails in a way that involves their whole body.

Enjoying Playtime:

Happy dogs enjoy playtime, whether it be romping with a ball or running in the yard.

A Healthy Appetite:

Happy dogs have a good appetite.


A dog that rolls around, showing you his/her belly is a happy dog. We see a lot of this at Come Sit Stay!

Leaning In:

The snuggle is a good clue that your dog is happy and content. When dogs lean into your hand, it’s a good sign that he/she is enjoying you and the petting.

Rear’s Up:

When a dog takes a bow, he/she is telling you that she would like to play. Get playing!

A Stay at Come Sit Stay:

A stay at Come Sit Stay is a surefire way to know that you have a happy dog! That’s the most obvious way!

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